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Enhance your smile and reclaim your confidence. Veneers treat issues like gaps, discoloration, and misshapen teeth for a grin that feels like you. Put self-consciousness in the past and embrace a carefree, confident smile.

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Why choose dental veneers?

If you have ever longed for a complete smile makeover, veneers could turn that dream into reality. These thin yet resilient porcelain shells cover the front surfaces of your teeth, hiding various cosmetic flaws such as severe staining, misalignment, gaps, or damaged teeth. Their adaptability makes them a sought-after option for patients seeking a lasting, comfortable, and natural-looking smile.

Comfortable Digital Scanning

By using digital scanning technology to create your custom veneers, you’ll never have to endure another goopy, uncomfortable impression tray again.

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You don’t need veneers for every tooth. Depending on your needs, you can get just one or an entire set.

The Benefits of Veneers

Natural Appearance

Veneers are beautifully crafted to exhibit a slightly translucent appearance, much like a natural tooth.

Easy Maintenance

As each veneer is applied individually, your regular brushing and flossing routine remains unchanged.


Despite their thin structure, porcelain veneers are as strong as natural tooth enamel.

Digital Smile Design

With Digital Smile Design technology, you can see what your smile will look like before treatment begins! Our software allows us to manipulate images of your teeth and simulate a new smile based on different treatment plans. You can see the end results before you commit to treatment.

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1,000 words!

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Free Consultations!

Digital Scans
Treatment Plan

Commitment-Free Consult

If you’re curious about how veneers can transform your smile, how much they cost, or if you’re even a good candidate, be sure to take advantage of our free veneer consultations. Dr. Olen will answer any questions you may have and walk you through a custom treatment plan so you can make an informed decision about your smile transformation.

The Veneers Treatment Process

Preparation of Teeth

Once you're approved for treatment during your cosmetic consultation, your dentist will gently buff away a thin layer of enamel to prepare your teeth for veneers.

Temporary Veneers

After teeth preparation, dental impressions or models of your teeth will be taken to craft your permanent veneers. In the meantime, you'll be fitted with temporary resin veneers to protect your prepped teeth until the final veneers are ready.

Permanent Veneer Placement

Once your permanent veneers are ready, Dr. Olen will check the fit of your custom veneers and ensure everything looks and feels great. Then they will be bonded permanently to your teeth using dental adhesive, completing your new, dazzling smile.

Looking For No-Prep Options?

Veneers require the removal of a thin layer of enamel. If you’re interested in keeping your enamel, want a semi-permanent solution, or need more volume, we have no-prep options available!

AACD Accredited Provider

Dr. Olen has been accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. You can rest assured your smile is in good hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can veneers be removed?

No. Traditional veneers are bonded permanently and are not intended to be removed. The procedure is irreversible as it requires a thin layer of enamel to be permanently removed from your teeth. After your treatment, you'll need to care for your veneers properly, replacing them if they break or get dislodged.

How long do veneers last?

The lifespan of veneers varies and largely depends on how well you maintain them. Most patients can expect their veneers to last between 15 and 20 years. Over time, your veneers may show wear and tear, and individual veneers might need repair or replacement. Maintaining good oral hygiene extends the lifespan of your veneers. Be sure to regularly brush and floss, go to your dental visits every six months, and avoid activities that could damage or dislodge your veneers.

What are veneers made of?

Veneers are typically made of a high-quality ceramic porcelain material that looks and feels just like natural tooth enamel. The porcelain will be matched to the color of your teeth and is very similar to enamel in hardness and translucence, making it an ideal material for enhancing the appearance of your smile.

Veneers are typically crafted from high-quality ceramic porcelain that closely resembles natural tooth enamel in appearance and texture. The porcelain is color-matched to your teeth and has similar hardness and translucence as enamel, making it an ideal material for enhancing your smile.

What’s the difference between veneers and Lumineers?

Veneers and Lumineers are quite similar, with the primary difference being that Lumineers are much thinner than traditional veneers. Lumineers are a specific brand of veneers made from a proprietary ceramic material. They're typically about 0.2mm thick, while traditional veneers are about 0.5mm thick. As such, Lumineers often don't require trimming of your existing enamel and are sometimes referred to as “no-prep” or “minimal-prep” veneers.

How much do veneers typically cost?

The cost of veneers varies depending on the number of teeth receiving veneers, your overall oral health, and the size and shape of each tooth, among other factors. For an accurate cost estimate, it's best to contact your dentist for a cosmetic consultation. During the consultation, your dentist will examine your mouth, assess your oral health, and provide a quote for veneers treatment.

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